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Private Shibari Sessions


What to expect in a private session

In a private Shibari session you can fully let go and enjoy the art of surrendering and receiving. It can be a deeply healing and nurturing experience. 


We focus on self-development and growth, where you receive a unique opportunity to connect to your body in a pleasurable way, feeling your sensations and your sense of self. 


Through the art of Shibari, individuals can transform inner blockages and find a deeper sense of self-worth and self-love. This session is held in a trauma-sensitive and non-sexual space. The focus lies within consent and individuals are encouraged to access and express their emotions. Once the fundamental trust is established, BDSM elements can flow into the practice if desired. 

Firstly, we'll have a talk about your boundaries and intentions. You can voice specific wishes to make it an unique experience for you. The after-care will help you to integrate the experience fully into your system.

Shibari Tantra Bodywork Massage Zürich Bina Taverna

Full Shibari Session

Completely dive into the world of Japanese rope bondage and experience all the sensations. For a full session, including pre-talk and after-care, we calculate 3h. 

Shibari Tantra Bodywork Massage Zürich Bina Taverna

Short Shibari Session

This gives you a good taste of what Shibari is and provides you with enough time to explore yourself in ropes. For a short session, including pre-talk and after-care, we calculate 2h. 

Shibari Tantra Bodywork Massage Zürich Bina Taverna

Shibari Photo Shoot

Do you wish this moment to be captured aesthetically on camera? Then book a photo session. Either I'll take the pictures or you can hire a professional photographer for an additional cost.

Shibari Tantra Bodywork Massage Zürich Bina Taverna

Couple Session

Enjoy this experience together with a partner where I either tie both of you up or I assist one of you while tying up the other. It is possible to switch roles in between. 

Shibari Tantra Bodywork BDSM Bondage Massage Zürich Bina Taverna

Learn how to tie on a model

Learn specific Shibari knots in a private lesson on a model, where I demonstrate the knots and you learn to tie. I'll adapt specifically to your level and speed. 

Shibari Tantra Bodywork BDSM Bondage Massage Zürich Bina Taverna

Learn how to tie

Practice ties in a private lesson, where you do self-tying, exercise on a mannequin or you bring a friend you feel comfortable with. If desired, you alternate with you tying partner, so that both of you learn the ties. 


Private Shibari & Tantra Retreat for Couples

2 Days

In this transformative private retreat, couples have the time to connect in a safe space. This experience is tailor made, so you can choose, which aspects you would like to focus on more. You will be guided through a progression of Shibari techniques and learn tantric exercises that deepen your understanding of Kundalini energy, conscious pleasure, tantric massage and the interplay of polarities. 

If desired, we can also include a session of couple coaching in the retreat.

We look at our relationship patterns and bring them to light. We go beyond and find new ways to connect authentically with ourselves and our partners.

Don't find a suitable date on my calendar?

Message me privately to find a date or make a suggestion. 


"Shibari is the traditional Japanese art of bondage used for artistic, connecting or therapeutic purposes."

What is not part of a session?

There are no sexual interactions between the client and me and there is no nudity. You can be in your underwear, if you like the sensation of the ropes directly on the skin. We focus more on self-development, gaining consciousness on our patterns, finding new ways to connect to our bodies and emotions, learning how to surrender and trust, explore where our boundaries are, growth and self-love.



"I want to tell you that even till today your session is affecting me a lot. It feels like I had a deep healing. I have so many emotions coming up.
I can't explain well but your session was the best therapy for me.
I could feel this way because of you. Your warm energy let me know that it's safe to open up myself and trust you.
Thank you so much."

Rowan, 33


A Shibari Session

is for you if you...

...are interested in personal growth and development, as well as for those who seek deeper and more intimate relationships with themselves and others. Shibari offers a space for you to transform patterns, trauma, stuckness, shyness, guilt and other emotional barriers, that may be holding you back to live your full potential. 

Why I love Shibari



  • is a great tool to experience self-love

  • offers a unique way to connect to emotions

  • helps to transform traumas, old pattern & beliefs in a guided container

  • helps people accept and love their bodies

  • creates meaningful connections

  • encourages partners to connect with their own conscious sensuality

  • creates a space where vulnerability can unfold

  • offers pleasure and intimacy

  • allows people to fully surrender or take up healthy leadership

  • is a tool to re-learn how to trust and be trusted

  • empowers people and gives confidence

  • is a beautiful artistic expression

  • helps to become fully present and dive into a meditative state

  • makes individuals feel seen, valued and loved.

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About Me

Bina is an experienced shibari facilitator with a diverse background in bodywork, tantra and movement practices. 

She did various trainings, such as relationship coaching, massage, yoga and learned about PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder).


What is special about Bina's approach?

Bina's approach to conscious Shibari stands out for its emphasis on values, such as consent, trauma-sensitivity and self-development. She creates a welcoming and respectful environment, where individuals can deepen their relationships with themselves and their partners. Bina's approach is unique, as it comes from a background of tantra rather than BDSM, which prioritizes authenticity, emotional openness and connection. Her practice is focused on self-discovery and empowerment. Shibari can promote healing and finding a higher purpose. The art of surrender and healthy leadership can be transferred from the workshop space to the personal life, as there are many similar life topics. Her approach is trauma-informed, which promotes healing and self-discovery. Bina's community is unique, as it fosters meaningful connections and the feeling of belonging to a tribe. Individuals are encouraged to live their truth and find direction in their lives, while exploring the depths of intimacy and connection. Bina's offerings provide a space for emotional expression, self-love and personal growth. The space invites to transform blockages, release limiting beliefs and find their inner power and purpose, leading to a more fulfilling life. Her soft approach to Shibari ensures that individuals feel safe, seen and are able to experience the full range of life with authenticity and love. 

Why I do shibari

When I practice Shibari in a private session...

I believe that my practice is about so much more than just tying ropes. It's about creating a transformative experience for my partners, that involves holding a nurturing space, where they can explore their emotions, sensations and desires. A Shibari session can be a microcosm, where old patterns and beliefs from the real life surface. I help people to transform these in a guided container. Additionally, Shibari may help people to accept and appreciate their bodies in new ways, which can be a powerful form of self-love. I also encourage my partners to connect to their own sensuality and find moments of pleasure and intimacy within themselves. Ultimately, my practice is all about creating a beautiful and transformative experience for my rope partners, where they feel held, nurtured and supported as they explore their innermost selves. Individuals, who have been tied by me, expressed to having felt seen, valued and loved.

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Media coverage

The radio KanalK with Ursin Felix, Universal Sounds with Fabba and Simon Heller from Sexological Bodywork interviewed shibari workshop participants and Bina Taverna. Listen to the podcasts in Swiss German below.

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