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Deep dive into the world of Shibari & Tantra

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  • Shibari & Tantra Weekend in Zurich
    Shibari & Tantra Weekend in Zurich
    Sat, Sep 07
    Sep 07, 2024, 10:30 AM – Sep 08, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Sihl13, Lessingstrasse 13, 8002 Zürich
    Dive deeply into the worlds of Shibari and Tantra for two days to deepen your knowledge and connection to yourself and others.
  • Shibari & Tantra Weekend in Zurich
    Shibari & Tantra Weekend in Zurich
    Sat, Nov 23
    Nov 23, 2024, 10:30 AM – Nov 24, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Sihl13, Lessingstrasse 13, 8002 Zürich
    Dive deeply into the worlds of Shibari and Tantra for two days to deepen your knowledge and connection to yourself and others.

Facilitated by Bina

Bina is an experienced Shibari facilitator with a diverse background in bodywork, tantra and movement practices. 

She did various trainings, such as relationship coaching, developmental psychology, massage, yoga and learned about PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder).

In a retreat you will learn...


Private Shibari & Tantra Retreat for Couples

2 Days

In this transformative private retreat, couples have the time to connect in a safe space. This experience is tailor made, so you can choose, which aspects you would like to focus on more. You will be guided through a progression of Shibari techniques and learn tantric exercises that deepen your understanding of Kundalini energy, conscious pleasure, tantric massage and the interplay of polarities. 

If desired, we can also include a session of couple coaching in the retreat.

We look at our relationship patterns and bring them to light. We go beyond and find new ways to connect authentically with ourselves and our partners.

Shibari & Tantra

is for you if you are interested in...

  • personal growth and development

  • exploring new depths of pleasure and connection

  • deeper and more intimate relationships with yourself and others

  • transforming your patterns, trauma, stuckness, shyness, guilt, and emotional barriers

  • gaining more body awareness

  • fully surrendering or consciously leading

  • living your full potential


Q & A

Can I come alone?

Yes, you can participate as an individual or with a friend/partner you feel comfortable with. You can also bring a friend and decide to tie with someone else in the space.

Do I need to have experience with shibari?

No, unless it is specifically stated in the workshop description. You don't need to know any tying techniques. If you already have experience, you will be able to extend your knowledge. 

Is there a gender balance?

In my workshops I strive to have more or less a gender balance. However, I do not want to hold on stereotype roles, as I celebrate diversity. If you want to make sure you tie with the opposite gender, then bring someone with you.

Is there nudity or sexuality?

No, in our workshops we strive to create a safe space for everyone and clothes stay on. Even though the focus is not explicitly on sexuality, it is possible that sensual energy might arise, if it is consensual.

In what language is it?

As most of the time I have international participants, the default language is English. In case someone is not comfortable with it, it can be held in German or Spanish and there will be translation. 

I am struggling financlially but would like to join.

Don't worry. Just contact me and we find a solution.

 Contact me 

What is special about Bina's approach?

Bina's approach to conscious Shibari stands out for its emphasis on values, such as consent, trauma-sensitivity and self-development. She creates a welcoming and respectful environment, where individuals can deepen their relationships with themselves and their partners. Bina's approach is unique, as it comes from a background of tantra rather than BDSM, which prioritizes authenticity, emotional openness and connection. Her practice is focused on self-discovery and empowerment. Shibari can promote healing and finding a higher purpose. The art of surrender and healthy leadership can be transferred from the workshop space to the personal life, as there are many similar life topics. Her approach is trauma-informed, which promotes healing and self-discovery. Bina's community is unique, as it fosters meaningful connections and the feeling of belonging to a tribe. Individuals are encouraged to live their truth and find direction in their lives, while exploring the depths of intimacy and connection. Bina's offerings provide a space for emotional expression, self-love and personal growth. The space invites to transform blockages, release limiting beliefs and find their inner power and purpose, leading to a more fulfilling life. Her soft approach to Shibari ensures that individuals feel safe, seen and are able to experience the full range of life with authenticity and love. 


Media coverage

The radio KanalK with Ursin Felix, Universal Sounds with Fabba and Simon Heller from Sexological Bodywork interviewed shibari workshop participants and Bina Taverna. Listen to the podcasts in Swiss German below.

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