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Bina (she/her)

Bina has various passions in the realm of bodywork, ranging from yoga, tantra, dance, breathwork, massage to shibari.

When Bina discovered Shibari in India, she only had the experience of being tied, but soon found interest in learning the art of tying to hold space for others. For over three years she travelled to meet Shibari practitioners from all over the world to exchange knowledge and develop her skills. In Thailand, she completed an aerial yoga teacher training to get more familiar with the human anatomy and breathing techniques, which are essential for Shibari. In India, Thailand, Bali and Nepal she learned about Thai and Ayurvedic massage, meditation, spirituality, kundalini activation and tantra practices. Still, Bina's practice is down to earth.

Sexological Bodywork also profoundly inspired her work and she used to facilitate tantric temple nights. Movement practices like ecstatic dance and contact improvisation influenced her style of Shibari too. Bina is a performer for festivals and events including fire shows, dance and Shibari suspensions. She worked in circus pedagogy in Switzerland and in South Africa to teach people from various socio-cultural backgrounds.
Currently, Bina offers Shibari sessions, workshops and retreats besides being a social worker. She organizes co-creative gatherings and is facilitator of the 7 Vibes Journey and Ecstatic Dance Zurich.

To recharge her energy, she spends time in nature with ski touring and rock climbing and has a routine of breathwork, ice bathing and yoga. 

Bina holds her sessions and workshops in English, German or Spanish. 


My Approach

Bina's work focuses on consent, trauma-sensitivity, and self-development. Whether she works with massage, shibari or holistic coaching, she creates a welcoming environment for individuals to deepen their relationships and prioritize authenticity, emotional openness and connection. She merges her experiences in the field of tantra, kundalini, BDSM, bodywork, breathwork, yoga and massage. Her practice promotes self-discovery, empowerment and healing, transferring life lessons from workshops to personal life. Bina's community fosters meaningful connections and a sense of belonging, encouraging individuals to live their truth and explore intimacy. Her offerings provide space for emotional expression, self-love and personal growth, transforming blockages and finding inner power and purpose. With her approach, Bina ensures safety, authenticity, and love in the full range of life experiences.


Education & Trainings


Treating Trauma & PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Certificate of Advanced Studies on Psychology and Therapy of Addictions


Systemic Counseling - Systemic Constellations


Youth and Sexuality


De-escalation Training and Self-defense for Women


Basics of Relationship Work and Handling Difficult Conversations


Professional Relationship Coach Diploma


MOVE Further Training (Motivational Short Intervention for Youth)


Developmental Psychology


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work at ZHAW


Circus Pedagogy for Troubled Youth, South Africa


Sexological Bodywork Courses, Zurich


Thai Massage, Thailand


Aerial Yoga TTC , Thailand


Various Shibari Trainings

Ayurvedic Massage, India


Women Empowerment NGO, India

Studied Geography with a Minor in Sociology at the University of Zurich


Various Tantra Trainings

Important: Bina is not a certified psychotherapist. If you think you need help, please find a professional.

Why I love Shibari



  • is a great tool to experience self-love

  • offers a unique way to connect to emotions

  • helps to transform traumas, old pattern & beliefs in a guided container

  • helps people accept and love their bodies

  • creates meaningful connections

  • encourages partners to connect with their own conscious sensuality

  • creates a space where vulnerability can unfold

  • offers pleasure and intimacy

  • allows people to fully surrender or take up healthy leadership

  • is a tool to re-learn how to trust and be trusted

  • empowers people and gives confidence

  • is a beautiful artistic expression

  • helps to become fully present and dive into a meditative state

  • makes individuals feel seen, valued and loved.

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"Bina is a wonderful and incredibly empathetic being! The session was pure bliss! I could feel and enjoy her power over me, while feeling in control to verbalise my needs at all times. It was amazing to feel so much strength in me in a physically limiting situation. Bina has a wonderful touch and presence. The session is already 1 week ago, but I still feel a loving lightness and strength in me when I think about it. And I've already booked the next session..."

Greg, 44

Media coverage

The radio KanalK with Ursin Felix, Universal Sounds with Fabba and Simon Heller from Sexological Bodywork interviewed shibari workshop participants and Bina Taverna. Listen to the podcasts in Swiss German below.

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